Friday, January 1, 2016

A Date on the Calendar

New Year's Day is, in a way, an artificial holiday, just a date demarcating an end of the year. Why, then, such lavish celebration? Champagne, caviar, the extravagant show in Times Square, the breathless countdown of last remaining seconds till the clock strikes midnight?

The answer, I think, lies in the human longing for a fresh start, desire to do better, get it right (whatever "it" might be). It may be naive, an empty hope, but the very fact that it persist throughout generations and cultures shows that there may be something to it.

And so I leave you with this, my dear friends and readers. May you find your fresh start this year, leave your troubles behind the border created by the changing of the dates and embark on new and exciting adventures. I, for one, am looking forward to sharing them with you. Happy and healthy 2016 to you and yours, and thank you for being here.


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