Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blog Talk Radio Interviews

Life of a new author being what it is, it seems I have completely neglected to share my author interviews on my own blog. Fortunately, this is easily remedied.

First, an interview by an ever-gracious Dara Anne Giovanni on her Writestream network. Whether you are an author trying to become better known or a reader looking to discover new writers, both fiction and non-fiction, you need to check out this website and sign up for updates. In the meantime, here is me chatting with Daria about my novel. 

Second, a fellow author Declan Finn interviewed me on his radio show Catholic Geek. As the name of the show promises, this chat has gone some truly geeky places. We just might have spent more time talking Joss Whedon and making fun of Stephen King than actually discussing my novel, but that's what you get when you turn over the show to two geeks with no adult supervision. We did, however, have a blast. Enjoy!

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