Thursday, March 17, 2016

Guest Promotion: No Horns on These Helmets, ed. by Erin Lale

Erin Lale is a fellow author, with both sci-fi and non-fiction titles to her name, an editor and a chock-full of coolness you'll just have to discover for yourself in the links at the end of the post. (Future note: most of my friends are cooler than me, which is why I'm making an effort to share their voices here on my blog.)

I asked Erin to prepare a short post about her latest project, an anthology called No Horns on These Helmets. Enjoy!


Vikings in history hailing the heroes,
Vikings in fantasy vexing the villains,
Old gods in the urban age,
Folktale and fairytale, future and past,
Twenty tales this tome encloses,
All should own them, all should read them:
No Horns on These Helmets.
Buy this book, for I boast it is good.

I edited this anthology, and also have one of my own stories in it, Woodencloak, a retold folktale. The 20 short stories include fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, humor, romance, and even mystery. Some of the short stories are extracts or outtakes from longer works. The story The Legend of Delbel the Butzemann by Robert Lusch Schreiwer is a retold folktale, published here for the first time in English. It was previously published only in Pennsylvania Deitsch. As you can see, it’s not all Vikings. The theme is Vikings and Norse and Germanic mythology and culture. I’m an expert on the theme, and the author of Asatru For Beginners, as well as other books.

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