Saturday, January 7, 2017

Speculative Fiction Cantina: Writing, Dystopia and Making Friends

On January 6, I had appeared once again on a Speculative Fiction Cantina podcast with host S. Evan Townsend. Evan was nice enough to book my friend and fellow dystopian writer Daniella Bova for the same show. This resulted in a very productive discussion since we're both indie writers specializing in a dystopian genre. We talk writing (of course!), the difficulty of crafting a dystopia in a world that unfortunately keeps outpacing some of our imaginary setups, and being a conservative pro-freedom author in an environment still dominated by the left. Dramatic readings from our works are included!

You can listen to the archived podcast here.

The interview included various mentions and shout-outs, which I will link below for the curious:

Goodreads Small Government Book Fan Club
Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance on Facebook group and website
Superversive Press website/blog

Foundation for Individual Right in Education (FIRE)

And last but not least, book links:

My Amazon Author Page

Daniella's Storms of Transformation Trilogy on Amazon

Freedom's Light Anthology

Many thanks to Evan for having me over and for Daniella for agreeing to appear with me to make the show even more fun!

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